Fridrich's Harmonica goes to the Theater

Big River (Huckle Berry Finn Story)

Amazing singers, actors, stage, live pit orchestra and a story that needs to be told for millenia...

Video: Black orpheus

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Video: Mood Milieu (solo guitar)

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Video: Music from an Ekamon coffee visit

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Video: Carry the Load intro

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From the train tunnels of Chicago to the orchestra hall of Seattle, Eric Fridrich has shared his music with audiences of all kinds. Foremost a songwriter, Eric draws his sound from his imagination and emotions, adapting all of his worldly influences. His sound spans multiple genres, including Latin, jazz, blues, African, orchestra, flamenco, dance, and even flirting with rock and pop. These variations of styles, influences and improvisation allow Eric to pulse across genres and sounds freely while still tying them neatly together into his music. Known as a multi instrumentalist, he’s normally seen fretting his guitar with a unique cross-style technique, incorporating his powerful and dynamic voice and breathy saxophone-like harmonica melodies. Eric always plays with the urgency of the now, sometimes even writing entire songs on the spot, “a song is like a canvas that you can paint 'anew every time you perform it" ...